You can give to the ministry of New Life Community Church in the following ways:

1. Sunday Offering

You can give cash or check during the Sunday Service offering. Make checks payable to: “New Life Community Church” or “NLCC.”  If you are mailing the check, please mail to: New Life Community Church, 145 Meghann Drive, Marion, IA  52302

2. Automatic Bank Form (ACH)

You can fill out the ACH form and put it in the Office Mail Slot by Room 13.  We can withdraw your donation on the 15th or the last day of the month on a recurring basis or we can do a one time withdraw.

3. Bank Checks

You can send checks to New Life via your bank.  Please contact your bank to find out how to set up this process on your bank website.

4. Hills Bank Customers Direct Transfers

If you are a Hills Bank customer you can transfer money directly from your bank account to the church bank account.  Please refer to your online bank account to set up the transfer.  You will need to enter our office email to make the transfer:  Please label in the memo section of the transfer what the transfer is for.  We will not receive an email about the transfer though, so please also email to let us know you made the transfer.

5. Online Giving

Using Paypal to give is an available option, but not a preferred one as the church will be charged a 2.99% fee.  If you are paying the church for an item or a conference, please add on the 2.99% fee to your payment.  You can do online giving via PayPal using the steps below.

This process will withdraw funds from your bank account and transfer funds directly to the church bank account. These steps assume that you have already signed up for a PayPal Personal Account. If you have not, you may do so at this link:

Paypal Payment Steps via Paypal Website
  1. Login to PayPal
  2. Make sure your bank account is listed in the “Banks and cards” section if payment is by bank account
  3. Click on icon to “Pay or Send Money”
  4. In the field to enter an email, type:
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Enter the amount you wish to send
  7. Review, and click on “Add a note” to say what the money is for
  8. Click on “Send Money Now”
Paypal Payment Steps via Paypal Mobile Phone App
  1. Make sure the PayPay App is loaded on your phone
  2. Open the app
  3. Login to PayPal
  4. Click on “Send”
  5. In the field to enter an email, type:
  6. Enter the amount you wish to send
  7. Click “Next”
  8. Review, and click on “Add a note” to say what the money is for
  9. Click on “Send now”

If you have any questions about any of these options, please contact us at