Books from Pastor Kurt

Books from Pastor Kurt

Christian Essentials

This series will help you to:

  • Discover 6 beliefs to escape the wrath of God
  • Establish your time, motivation and identity
  • Grasp 12 promises about your security, significance & satisfaction


Visionary Faith

Visionary Faith is a divine invitation to: Live up to our high calling. Pursue our deepest desires in serving God. Take some risks with our life and experience God. Make the most of our life by giving our lives to God. Accomplish any work of faith for the glory of God. Who we are and what we have are God’s gifts to us. Who we become and what we do are our gifts to God. May this book educate, encourage, and equip you to make your gifts to God the very best they can be.

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Theology Library

Defending Authentic Christianity: 14 books (over 5000 pages) covering foundational but controversial topics such as biblical philosophy, apologetics, & “charismatic” theology. Specifics include:

  • The attack on the place of reason & thinking in Christian theology (Books 2- 5).
  • A biblical critique of the popular approach to apologetics and a defense of the very neglected but biblical approach to proving Christianity. (Book 5).
  • A biblical critique of “charismatic” theology & practice (Books 7-12).

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