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"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet..."

We provide this library of recent Sunday morning messages primarily for those in our church who may have been absent, or those serving in our children's ministries during the message. Please consider contacting Pastor Kurt, Pastor Brian, Pastor Pete or Pastor Ray if you have specific questions about a recent teaching he presented.

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Desperate Hearts Unite!
Speaker: Ben Hunt
Date: 2-18-2018
Our Hope in God's Paradise 3
Paul's Eternal Perspective on Our Work
Speaker: Kurt Jurgensmeier
Date: 2-11-2018
Our Hope in God's Paradise 2
Jesus' Eternal Perspective on this Life
Speaker: Kurt Jurgensmeier
Date: 2-4-2018
Our Hope in God's Paradise 1
1 Peter: Living for God in a Difficult World
Speaker: Kurt Jurgensmeier
Date: 1-28-2018
Why Should I Fast?
Speaker: Pastor Ben Hunt
Date: 1-21-2018
The Motive of Fasting
Speaker: Pastor Ben Hunt
Date: 1-14-2018
12 Practical Commandments IV
Love Yourself
Speaker: Kurt Jurgensmeier
Date: 12-31-2017
Christmas Message
Grace & Peace to You
Speaker: Kurt Jurgensmeier
Date: 12-24-2017
The Lion & the Lamb
Speaker: Ben Hunt
Date: 12-17-2017
Food Coma
Speaker: Ben Hunt
Date: 12-10-2017