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Christian Essential #2

Foundations For Your Christian Life

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Foundations Study Guide
2.1 - Making the Most of My God Times
2.2 - Making the Most of My Group Times
2.3 - God's Purpose for You
2.4 - God's Power for You
2.5 - God's Process for You
2.6 - Christ's Love Compels Us
2.6x - Counting My Blessings
2.7 - God's Love Through God's People
2.7x - Experiencing God's Love Through God's People
2.8 - God's Glory Purifies Us
2.8x - Comparing Christ
2.9 - Jesus is Your Best Friend
2.10 - Jesus is Your Real Identity
2.11 - Your God-given Needs
2.12 - Loving False Gods Rejects the Real God
2.13 - Cursed Are Those Who Worship People
2.14 - You Are Filled Through Christ
2.14x - Facing My Idols
Appendix A - "P.O.W.E.R. Plan" for God Times
Appendix B - "P.O.W.E.R. Plan" for Barnabas Group
Appendix C - Barnabas Group Project
Appendix D - Memory Verses
Appendix E - Spiritual Power Test
Appendix F - The Christian Essentials
Appendix G - The Nine Powers of God, the Spirit, and the Spirit-Controlled Christian
Appendix H - The Seven Types of Faith in Scripture
Appendix I - The Seven Emotional Needs of Humans
Appendix J - Recommended Resources for Further Study