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Forgiveness Forever by God

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1.1 - What is Unique About the World's Biggest Religion
1.2 - What Must I Believe About God to be Forgiven Forever?
1.3 - What Must I Believe About Myself to be Forgiven Forever?
1.4 - What Must I Believe About Jesus Christ to be Forgiven Forever?
1.4x - Cross Diagram
1.5 - How Can I Be Certain I Have Been Forgiven Forever?
1.6 - Why Do Some People Abandon Christianity After Believing It?
1.7 - What is God's First Commandment for a Christian?
1.8 - Where Do I Go From Here?
1.8x - My Commitments
Appendix A - A P.O.W.E.R. Plan for Barnabas Groups
Appendix B - Memory Verses for FORGIVENESS Study